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Claire’s Haiti Trip

Claire Jarrell / Haiti

'He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.' - Mark 16:15
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    Barbara Corder

    $51.50 / 17 days ago

    May God wrap His loving arms around your team and all those you serve

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    Beth Calvert

    $61.80 / 34 days ago

    Enjoy your time in Haiti. Love the people.

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    Hannah Killough

    $200.00 / 36 days ago

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    Clayton Swift

    $5.15 / 39 days ago

    Fight the good fight, go help those in need.

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    David Reents

    $30.90 / 40 days ago

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    Cara Swift

    $10.30 / 40 days ago

    Do all the good you can.

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    $50.00 / 40 days ago

    Sorry I couldn't donate more am broke

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    Junett Niack

    $25.00 / 43 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $515.00 / 44 days ago

    Praying for all of you before and during your trip. It sounds amazing!

  • 6d3c5724f0c963262a49120b71a6931f? nophoto

    Rita Hogan

    $25.00 / 45 days ago

    Hope you have a wonderful experience!

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    Jessica Rocheleau

    $20.60 / 45 days ago

  • D9722a8e2d370b0039162d875f3f04d3? nophoto

    Jeff Hudson

    $50.00 / 45 days ago

    Claire, Hopefully this will help get you where you need to go. My advice would be to change your socks frequently and bring a good stick of deodorant! -Jeff

  • 1e1ec68d5494dfea513a6b5bc685430b? nophoto

    Claire Jarrell

    $103.00 / 51 days ago

  • Bfe26f89702e7e42a0267a65f163277c? nophoto

    Ann Anderson

    $25.00 / 106 days ago

    Wishing you blessings on your trip to Haiti! Ann and David Anderson

  • Bd3725f5ca366a26b38c9e2f3e97c3bd? nophoto

    Kimberley Fair

    $100.00 / 107 days ago

    So excited for you Claire, as you help lead this team! So proud of all that you are doing! Love you!

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    Merrilee Harmon

    $515.00 / 108 days ago

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    Barbara Corder

    $100.00 / 108 days ago

  • 016ab237bf7c8ca28318e3b2064c16c3? nophoto

    Shari Brown

    $25.00 / 109 days ago

    This is such a special time in your lives. May the Lord bless you and guide you in this wonderful mission! Safe travels!

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    Rose Berryman

    $103.00 / 109 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $51.50 / 109 days ago

    What an incredible opportunity! Melissa and I are proud of you.

  • 5eeab0a09f9ce04f8c1504b60731c341? nophoto

    Chloe Obrien

    $10.30 / 109 days ago

    So proud of you Claire! can’t wait to see what you get to do on this adventure! love you!

  • F959979765edb3ea10a0dbd249cb43ff? nophoto

    Maggie Ortiz-Munoz

    $5.00 / 109 days ago

    Hola Claire. Espero que te diviertas mucho!

About Claire’s Haiti Trip

This will be my third time going to Haiti but my first time going with the Wesley Foundation. I am very excited to go back to Haiti and for getting the opportunity to experience the country in a different way. I also have the privilege to get to help plan this trip, as well as be one of the leaders on the team. I am so excited for this new leadership opportunity as well as getting to serve alongside some of my friends. 

The Texas Tech Wesley Foundation will be going to Haiti to share the love of Christ with communities in Mole, St. Nicholas. We have been supporting the Northwest Haiti Christian for the past 12 years! We are so excited to get to go back this year during our spring break and help with the orphanage, love on kids, put on medical clinics, help out around the village, and love on the local missionaries. Thanks for your consideration in helping make this trip possible!

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