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Haiti Mission Trip

Courtney McGuire / Haiti

'Love your neighbor as yourself.' - Mark 12:31
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    Joel Buford

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    FUMC Floydada

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    Christina McGuire

    $50.00 / 5 days ago

    We will be praying for you to have a successful trip. Wish I had more money to donate to this very worthy cause.

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    Mary McGuire

    $300.00 / 6 days ago

    Courtney, We love you so much and are so proud of you and the strides you have made on your faith journey! God bless you and keep you safe! Love, Momma & Dad

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    Don Beach

    $200.00 / 7 days ago

    Happy Birthday sweet, wonderful, amazing granddaughter! You are awesome!

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    $50.00 / 13 days ago

    Courtney - You and your team are on our prayer list. We know this will be a wonderful growing experience for each of you. Sending our love - Tommie and Sylvia Huckabee

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    Cindy Woolley

    $300.00 / 15 days ago

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    With Love from Jana Saucedo and Family!

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    With Love from Nicole!

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    Katherine Muir

    $25.00 / 16 days ago

    Courtney, you have always been a leader in our church. I look forward to you learning more about our amazing neighbors. Learn their stories and share them!

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    Julie Blackburn

    $103.00 / 22 days ago

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    Debbie Lincoln

    $51.50 / 37 days ago

    I have been twice - after the erath quake in 2010. It was life changing for me to interact and work with those beautiful, every optimistic, God loving people. Our group brought several people to,Christ. If you get a chance to attend a worship service, you will be moved beyond belief. The language difference means nothing when praising GOD! Blessings to you all!

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    Sena Leese

    $51.50 / 37 days ago

    Blessings as you serve the people of Haiti. Special hugs for Courtney McGuire🙏

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    Debbie Ward

    $100.00 / 38 days ago

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    Stephanie Beach

    $41.20 / 58 days ago

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    Don Beach

    $100.00 / 80 days ago

    Bless all of you as you becomes Christ's hand and heart to the people of Haiti.

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    Ann Fink

    $25.00 / 83 days ago

    Hope you have an enjoyable experience! God Bless!

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    Dianne Swanson

    $51.50 / 83 days ago

About Haiti Mission Trip

The Texas Tech Wesley Foundation will be going to Haiti to share the love of Christ with communities in Mole, St. Nicholas. We have been supporting the Northwest Haiti Christian for the past 12 years! We are so excited to get to go back this year during our spring break and help with the orphanage, love on kids, put on medical clinics, help out around the village, and love on the local missionaries. Thanks for your consideration in helping make this trip possible!

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