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Duncan Harmon

Duncan Harmon / Haiti

'Love your neighbor as yourself.' - Mark 12:31
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    Good News United Methodist Church

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    Sharon Harmon

    $10.30 / 23 days ago

    Know you’re looking forward to your trip next month! I’m so very proud of you wanting to spend your break with these children sharing God’s love with them. Love, Gramma

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    $103.00 / 24 days ago

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    Deanne Mullens

    $25.75 / 37 days ago

    I hope you have the experience of a lifetime! The mullens

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    Anita Crabtree

    $206.00 / 38 days ago

    Love you and looking forward to hearing about your adventures! Nana and Grandpa

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    $25.00 / 39 days ago

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    Sharon Harmon

    $25.75 / 48 days ago

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for your visit! So very proud of you and the goals you’ve set. Love and hugs!

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    $20.60 / 71 days ago

    From Mindy B. For your trip.

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    Sharon Harmon

    $25.75 / 75 days ago

    MerryChristmas, Duncan! My love and prayers are with you as you prepare for the wonderful opportunity to share Christ’s live with these precious children.

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    $25.00 / 78 days ago

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    Kelly Fanning

    $50.00 / 90 days ago

    Duncan, thank you for being such an exceptional “Big” for our younger guys to look up to!! I hope you have an amazing trip and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

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    Melodye Becker

    $150.00 / 109 days ago

    What a great mission opportunity. Your presence to offer relationship, community and love is what so many crave and need. Remember... mission is not so much about what you go to do but rather the transformation that will result not only in those you go to serve but in yourself as well. Lives will be changed forever as a result of your decision to follow His call.

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    Cindy Higgins

    $25.00 / 119 days ago

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    Sharon Harmon

    $28.84 / 119 days ago

    God bless all of you for wanting to share Christ’s love through teaching the Haitians more about him. I’m very proud of all of you. I was very active in the Wesley Foundation at Tech from 1962-1966 and have many fond memories of my time there and the friendships that continued through the years.

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    $195.70 / 120 days ago

    Praying for your trip, the memories you will have and those you will be helping.

About Duncan Harmon

The Texas Tech Wesley Foundation will be going to Haiti to share the love of Christ with communities in Mole, St. Nicholas. We have been supporting the Northwest Haiti Christian for the past 12 years! We are so excited to get to go back this year during our spring break and help with the orphanage, love on kids, put on medical clinics, help out around the village, and love on the local missionaries. Thanks for your consideration in helping make this trip possible!

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